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5 reasons to say yes to fringes

5 reasons to say yes to fringes

Very welcome to our blog! Today, we’re going to talk about fringes. We've all heard about the fringes and sure you've ever wondered: why are they so successful?



1. Because they are history.

Go around the year 3000 BC, curiously, it is the men who are wrapped in a kind of skirts made with thick tufts of wool placed in vertical strips. Little by little, the tufts of wool became fabric clippings that were already regarded as the first official fringes. Its use became purely decorative.
It is not until the end of the eighteenth century when they begin to be used in the Europe women's fashion and the fringes appear covering the shoulders or in short jackets. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, they gain importance and reach great lengths. Towards 1900, they measure about a metre in length and in the 1920s they also intervene in the structure of the suit, ceasing to be merely decorative again. From then on, we can find them in most of the styles that have triumphed over the years.

2. Because every generation has worn them.

What do hippies and women in the 1920s have in common? Nothing? What about the Cowboys and Indians? Even less? It seems incredible to think that they might have something in common, but it is, and it is precisely the fringes.

 Generation after generation we have been able to   observe that: Indians, Cowboys, women of the 1920s, hippies, rockers ... Everyone has worn fringes.

Therefore, you choose your look. With a garment or accessory with fringes, you can be whatever you want to be, you can get a Western air, rocker, ethnic or your own, you will make a trend. 

3. For everything they represent.

Because they represent freedom and movement which is precisely what all the groups mentioned above have in common.

The fringes hang loose from a strip of cloth, they are not glued to anything, so if you move, they are moving with you.
Let’s be seen as people who do not stop at anything. That we strive to achieve everything we propose. This is an attitude, but it can also be reflected through clothing or accessories.

4. Because they don't go out of fashion.


Are you tired of buying clothes or accessories that become fashionable, and to be able to use them only for a short period of time because they go out of fashion?

Consumerism is currently so high, that items can go out of fashion in just 15 days. So we ended up with the wardrobe full but of bad clothes, of wearing and throwing, which is bad for us and for the environment.

Hood trousers, oversized clothes, crop tops, chokers.... Sure that some of these garments or accessories have gone through our wardrobe and have come a time when it has stayed there and we haven’t used them anymore. .

Accessories with fringes don’t, as it is not that they are a fashionable article, they are a classic. In addition, they can be used both day and night and are fully combinable.

5. For all they provide.


The fringes give vitality to our looks. They are elegant, sophisticated, youthful, fun, carefree...

No matter the style or the occasion, fringes will make the difference, because they draw attention. Are you ready to be the center of everyone’s attention?



What do you think about fringes? We’d love to know your opinion and suggestions for other topics you want to read about. Take a look at BOCUS fringed bags at our shop!


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