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Milan Fashion Week - How to be on trend with leopard pattern motifs?

Hi there! We  wanted to comment with you on the trends presented in Milan Fashion Week for the Spring Summer 19.  Here we have an extract from Womenswear VP creative Director:

Guau! Totally BOCUS! Trend n.2  from Fashion Snoops takeout of Milan, is the leopard print layered with other patterns.  You know we love the richness in nature and in life and what a better icon of that,  than our beautiful leopard-like hair calf leathers. We are not saying that everything works. Usually is spontaneity, honesty what works: something true to oneself looks stylish. All beings,  including ourselves,  are a combination of many details, features, traits... We love mixing because that's what life about!  

BOCUS main feature is the combination of patterns, not only high quality leathers,  but also fabric trims with embroidery, sequins, pompoms, tassels... It is in fact because of this multicolor and multitexture feature, that BOCUS handbags combine with many different clothes and looks,  enhancing  them. 



 Love to hear your suggestions on patterns to combine! Contact us! Have a great weekend. 

The BOCUS team. 


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